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Cathryn Sofarnos is a multi-disciplinary abstract artist based in Melbourne, Australia.  Born in Hobart, Tasmania she enjoyed a free range childhood roaming  the untamed wilderness of her Tasmanian backyard.  Endless hours were  spent exploring  empty windswept  beaches, investigating rock pools and  leaving marks in the sand, and the deep impressions of the child's mind, has provided a solid foundation for Cathryn's work today.  

Along with a deep interest in dimensional ontology and the metaphysical layers of our perception, Cathryn’s work delves into the interplay between abstract form and the dimensional nature of colour , line and pattern.  By embracing the fluidity and ambiguity of abstraction, she invites the  viewer to contemplate the interconnectedness of self identity and its potential influence on the perception of our existence . Her dynamic expression of line and colour, sets the intention to captivate a glimpse into the multifaceted nature of our world, creating a vivid and evocative experience on a large scale.

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